New version of Chaosesque Anthology (Release 43)

New version of Chaosesque Anthology (Release 43)

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Greetings fellow gamers. Much has changed since the last news was posted.
ChaosEsque Anthology has now reached Release 43.

A new arena has been added for release, Island Sky Arena.
It is a hand to hand combat arena, but can also be used for melee weapon fights or capture the flag as-well.

The duengon of darkhold17 has gotten deeper, with new chambers of torment, caves, and prisons below.

Where monsters are concerned, there is now a greater variety of spiders, large and small.
Furthermore, skeletons wield various new melee weapons, which brings us to our next topic...

Various new weapons have been added. These include both ranged and melee alike.
In the ranged class there is now a 357 magnum and a .50 cal pistol.
In the melee class that which is new is a crowbar, yari, tetsubo, katana, odachi, nagamaki, and a sabre of light/plasma.

Flashbangs and smoke grenades were added as-well, in addition to regular off-handed grenades. Nuclear explosions create flashes of light which take time to diminish.

Building options have increased, allowing the player to build in anything from
iron beams to marble (over 20 colors / types thereof). Blocks can be flipped
via command, before building, roof blocks allow many shades to be selected,
stone blocks come in many styles to choose from. Commands to help the in-game
builder create his fortress the way he desires have been added (they are listed
in the commands menu).

Additionally Buildings can be built atop buildings if the player wishes, so towers can be created, or citadels can be built using tall foundations with walls and castles above. There are also bridges and outpost towers existing as options in the build system.

The server admin now has flexibility in setting building allowances: up to
and including complete freedom: no cost building, build anywhere (including
building blocks in DeathMatch maps), build quickly. These are check-boxes in
the menu system (but can also be set via variable in the server's config file)

Building a kingdom of heaven:

We hope you enjoy the new fighting and building options!

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