Nihilium: Forgotten World - Online RPG

Nihilium: Forgotten World - Online RPG

Hello everybody,

I am presenting you, for the first time publicly, the game I'm working on - Nihilium. It's going to be a multiplayer action RPG with both PvE and PvP gameplay. Everyone will be able to download both the game and the server and play the game with friends or host it for other people - you can play wherever you want with your character!


The game is at the time in stage of Closed Beta. Things that are implemented and working so far:

* Base online engine (movement, fighting, inventory, looting, shops etc...)

* Grouping with other players (loot share system, trading, etc..)

* Talent/Skill tree system

* Various types of spells, buffs, debuffs

* 4 classes with unique spells and talents ( Fighter, Magician, Cleric, Thief ), more to come

* NPC's with reasonable AI, using spells, healing themselves, etc..


Things in development for Open Beta:

* Questing system 

* Expanding the game world and database (items, npc's, etc..)

* Client app optimalization


Soon there's gonna be a project website up aswell. The game of course will be free to play and download. Most of the art in the game is done by myself, however a lot of stuff such as beautiful spell icons or portraits are from opengameart! Complete list of contributors whose art has been used in game will be up once the game goes Open Beta. I'm doing everything only by myself, so it takes a bit of time, but I'm pretty sure the Open Beta should launch in the beginning of 2014.

Below I present you an album with screenshots from the most recent version of the game.

And a movie presenting the gameplay:

Thank you for your attention, if you have some questions or feel like contributing to the project make sure to message me here or nihiliumgame[at]