Nodrog's Fortress | Turn Based Tactical RPG Battler

Nodrog's Fortress | Turn Based Tactical RPG Battler

Hey everyone!

I am proud to annouce the release of Nodrog's Fortress on Steam:

It's a turn based fantasy strategy game featuring tactical elements from Chess and American Football.  After selecting an Archmage and three Companions, each player commands their teammates and assigns actions during the player input phase. Then, when all teams have confirmed commands, the action commences!  Outwit the strategies of your opponents in challenging PVE or cut-throat PVP Online!  Check out our trailer on the page for a breakdown of everything in the game.  I am constantly updating it and will be adding new Archmages, Companions, and Game Modes as time goes on.  Eventually we will also release on Mac, Android, and IOS - hopefully with full crossplay support.  These lofty goals can only come true with players jumping in, so please help me and my small team of volunteer testers to make this Fortress unbreakable! 

This is my first game and I appreciate any and all feedback and support!  Thank you in advance!  Btw, my name is Chris, and I am the sole developer for this project. Everything in the game aside from assets gained here and thanks to the LPC Character Creator was produced and programmed by me over the past year or so and has been a true passion project.

This game was only made possible by this community and I am forever grateful for the dedication to open source game art from all the artists and contributors here!

 - Chris, Lead Dev and CEO of Binding Force Development |

P.S. I am continuing to expand the in-game credits and, by the nature of developing a game all by myself, I am sure I have neglected certain creators.  Please shout out if you see your work before I am able to sort and properly credit all the art and audio in the game.  A special thanks to you and the moderators and creators of this site.