Open Centauri - Open development of a MMO

Open Centauri - Open development of a MMO

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Hello everybody!

I just came across this site yesterday and already spent some hours going through all the really useful submissions. This is so much better than turbosquid or anything alike. I will probably use a lot of stuff in Open Centauri to which I'd like to introduce you:


Open Centauri is a project that I just started this month. It is going to be a MMO based off Unity and SmartFoxServer 2X, which both can be licensed for free for non-commercial work. 

I created the project hoping to adress some people who would like to dabble with game development. I myself found it boring to follow lots of tutorials, creating something for the trash bin everytime and so this project came to mind. One could just start off with a game engine, a server engine, 2d, 3d or audio tools, whatever he feels like, and contribute his work to a project that he can feel related to. 

The story, the game mechanics, the website, everything is open for discussion and submissions, you don't need to join our team if you do not wish to.

We will set up a central game server to which people can connect to, in order to actually have a MMO. There will be many many patchdays tho ;) however, this project doesn't actually aim at finishing a working title, but instead we just want to have fun during the progress and hopefully collect some valuable experience. 


If you're interested why not have a look at


Quick overview of the story: The game takes place in various decades, the first being 2030, 2035 to be precise. Humanity discovered the first einstein-rosen-bridge at the border of our sun system. Unknowing what to expect, mission Open Centauri is started to explore the wormhole. The mission however goes awry, yet the player will be part of the poplulation of Alpha Centauri. For further reading check out our forums.


Looking forward to stuff the client with all the sounds and ambient music from this site :)