Open Pixel Project - Looking for help!

Open Pixel Project - Looking for help!

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Hey guys,

I've just uploaded the first package (out of 5) of Open Pixel Project assets to OGA

The Open Pixel Project is a community collaboration on free, public domain game assets. We've created over 2000 tiles and 100+ animated sprites since 2013, You can already download ALL of them on our website:

There have been many waves of talented collaborators contributing, and we're always looking for new ones. If you're interested in making some pixel art, join our forums and chat! There is a style guide, a palette, and always plenty of stuff to make :)

Perhaps more importantly, I'm also looking for organizers. People who want to take over my role, bit by bit. The project has seen a lot of activity when I'm around, but I will soon have other responsibilities again in the real world. Come and introduce yourself in the chat if you are interested!


Now here on OGA, I wanted to ask you all:
What do you wish to see in a project like this? What kind of assets would you need from this? What do you think we should do next? Any tips on making this project even more awesome and preparing for the future?

Thanks for reading along, and see you around!


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