Pacewar - My PyWeek 19 entry

Pacewar - My PyWeek 19 entry

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Pacewar is my entry to Pyweek 19, developed with the SGE Game Engine:

It's a fighting game between two teams of ships. You need to accumulate a certain number of points, but unlike most games, points are on a spectrum and move in the direction of the player that wins a round; in effect, you need to not just win 3 times, but win 3 times more than the other player. Also, as you get closer to winning, your fleet decays, so you typically need to really be better than your opponent to win.

It can be 1-player (against a team consisting entirely of AI ships) or 2-player (each team led by a human). If a human's ship dies, that human randomly gets control of a friendly AI ship, so the humans are always in the game.

This game uses a lot of stuff from from a lot of people. Most noticeably, I used quite a bit of graphics from Skorpio. Full credits are found in credits.txt, and more detailed licensing and source URLs are found in files called "LICENSES" found in each directory containing data files.