Particle Boy - My first iOS Game

Particle Boy - My first iOS Game

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Hey guys! Thanks for checking this out.

Particle Boy is my first ever iOS game. Ive been working on it for 3 months now, and I hope to finish it in early september before my senior year at Stony Brook University takes over my life.


The stuff thats done so far is 4 weapons. A fireball, a meteor, a "bouncer", and a beam. Each one has 7 different evolutions and is evolved over time by killing a certain amount of enemies. 

The game is a sidescroller. You simply move left,right and shoot, ocasionaly changing your weapon. There are also 3 long lasting spells. Each spell last a few minutes and is linked with a song and a weapon. There is a long lasting spell for the meteors, the beam, and the "bouncers". Spells have cooldown rates of 12 minutes and they are very powerful.

There are alos 3 different background themes that can occur. The first is "The Starry Night". It has fireflies moving around on the bottom with stars and shooting stars up top. I still want to get the stars scrolling with he player. The second is a Rain/Thunderstrom. And the third is a Firework celebration, I still want to get the fireworks to scroll with the player. I also still need music for each of these background themes.



Add art - (Animated player and enemies)

Add music - for the different long lasting spells and themes that occur.

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