[Patreon][Pixel art] How to draw a rounded rock

[Patreon][Pixel art] How to draw a rounded rock

Hello, there.
My name is Derwin Castillo, and I'm a pixel artist.
I've started a tutorial series about pixel art for video games through Patreon.

I'll keep drawing tutorials and making creation process videos depending on how much people are interested on.
This is my first drawing tutorial:

You can view the creation process video from my Patreon's creator page:
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 Thanks a lot!

-Quote from (DokitsuArt):

Derwin Castillo, born on September 1994. He's an artist with a big and passionate love for retro styles. Started on 2010 building portfolio as a hobbyist artist, and now he's drawing for indie videogame projects as a lead pixel artist with a sweet and modern style, filling game graphics with a lot of enthusiasm and soul. Also he's in an independent workgroup of videogame developers that were making prototypes and jam games since 2009.