[PC] Kirby's Escapeventure (2D Platformer)

[PC] Kirby's Escapeventure (2D Platformer)

Hi guys,


This is a simple project I did for my school's project. Most of the assets are from OpenGameArt, and I'm really thankful for that. So I'm posting this project to help those in need.

It is just a simple one level game (just to showcase my game's functionality), which may makes some user thinking *come-on, anybody can do that, or even better*. I believe quite a number of people around the net is still wondering how does a game actually works and so on, and they're too *shy* to ask questions around the forum.

The character is Kirby, that you're controlling.

He can:

  1. Walk (He needs to).
  2. Jump (No double jump, no infinite jump).
  3. Punch (Animation) (No effect or whatsoever).
  4. Drop a bomb (Bomb explodes after 2 secong with color indication).

The game has:

  • Coin System
  • Health System
  • Ammo System
  • Death with Respawn
  • Open in dialogue (UI)
  • Drop down platform
  • Switch to open door / show invinsble platforms
  • Spawn traps with delay.
  • Sound sytem
  • Probably more...

Get the files from here:



Have a look around, don't hesistate to ask me anything, I'll help if I'm able to.

Its 12am here. Gotta sleep. See ya guys around. :)



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