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I thought i would share a game i made durring a 3 week live twitch stream as a birthday present for my brother. The idea for the game is much like my other game i posted a while back

The idea was to make a game that was small hard to play and fit in one executable.

the engine is a improved version of the flappybird engine... i think i rewrote like 50% and added a lot more features.

it is written in c++ and uses my own drawing api code.


Butch: The Field of the Floating IslandsDungeon tileset

Kenny: Pixel UI pack

Nils: did the animations for the Dungeon tileset wizzard, skeleton, zombie and fireball.


RevampedPRO: 8-bit Music Pack

I hope you all like it and the game does have a high score so i hope to see you on it:} 

PixelRPG <-------------- DOWNLOAD