Powerful Domain of The Chickenmen

Powerful Domain of The Chickenmen

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Hi, so I relized it was a very dumb mistake to use the old chickenmen thread to talk about the game again, because it's very laggy, I apologize for that :P

That being said, I might finally be ready to work on a reimagining of that old project! Not sure if I wil actually use chickens or something else, but I hope I can manage a little better this time :)

I'm not doing isometric or 3D this time either because it got out of hand in the old version and was buggy. The old game had better graphics arguably, but I've only been working on this for a few days and could possibly redraw in the future or even hire someone if I get far enough. Rambling rambling rambling, the thing I wanted to say is just that my strategy game idea is back on track for now, chickens or not ^w^


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