Presenting my game: Animo City

Presenting my game: Animo City

Hello. I would like to share with you the last game I have designed: a free "print and play" game called Animo City. "Print and play" means that you have to download a set of PDF files, and then print, cut and sleeve some cards in order to craft a physical cardgame. In other words, this is not a videogame.

Animo City can be downloaded free at


I have put together the illustrations using the Public Domain "pixel city" galleries from pixel32 (aka Alex). These ones:

The game is licensed under a Creative Commons. It's a full-graphics, full-game, made for the love of it, with no caveats. Besides the English version, there's also a Spanish version available. Click the-top right spanish flag and return to the game site again to download it in Spanish. While you are at my site, you may also check my other PnP games. 


Animo City is a simple cardgame that requires no board, but features spatial information by building a city on a hexagonal grid. All the game takes place in a single center common space. The game fits in 89 cards, plus some counters. Animo is Spanish for "mood", and victory points are measured with "hapiness" and "sadness" counters.