Project AresEd: A Free 3D Game Creation Suite

Project AresEd: A Free 3D Game Creation Suite

Hi all, I'd like to tell you about my Open Source AresEd project (in which I'm using some artwork that's on this site btw :-)).

AresEd is a 3D game creation suit. It is not finished yet but already it has some nice features and progress is well. My latest blog posts describes some of these new additions in more detail:


You can also look at a slightly older video blog entry I posted a while ago. This is a bit older but still demonstrates the basic idea behind AresEd:


More information about AresEd can be found here (including all source code):


AresEd is heavily based on Crystal Space (of which I'm also the original author BTW). If you're interested in contributing (either with artwork for the game assets or else with code) then feel free to contact me. I'm also looking for a nice logo for this project (preferably in SVG so that it can be scaled easily).


Thanks for looking!