Project Defense. Using art from this site

Project Defense. Using art from this site


Hi eberybody. As the final project of my career I choosed to do a videogame. I found this AMAZING site by chance and asked some of you if I could use your animations, sounds or musics (I may forgot to ask somebody, sorry for that).


So here it is, it isn't finished yet but you can see what I'm trying to do with it. All the credits are in the "Creditos" option of the main menú (if I forgot something please tell me and I'll fix it).


Sorry, but its all in spanish. Anyway, thanks to all of the people of this site for the amazing stuff. The music is simply great, the animations are really cool and it even has sound effects! Without this site the game would have an horrible look.


I don't have much time now, but I'll translate the instructions for you whenever I can. 


Again, thanks


PS: sorry for the bad english