Project Slowpaced - An Alpha, WIP first-person shooter

Project Slowpaced - An Alpha, WIP first-person shooter

Hello there!

I am Xezno of Xezno Game Studios and I would like to present our latest game, Project Slowpaced, in all it's alpha glory to you!

But, Xezno, what is Project Slowpaced?

I'm glad you asked! Project Slowpaced is a first-person shooter based in the future with the setting being a dystopian, post-apocalyptic Earth.  It features mechanics such as:

  • Custom guns (submitted through ProjectGallery - will be a web-based tool á la Steam Workshop)
  • Custom maps (also submitted through ProjectGallery)
  • Custom camos ( I need to explain how this is submitted?)
  • Custom characters... do you get what we're getting at here? Most things will be customizable.
  • Mechs (yeah, we know, Titanfall... that and every FPS you see has them anyways)
  • 100vs100 player battles or less!
  • Modifications to gameplay (more info later)
  • Dedicated servers (no "MIGRATING HOST")
  • Multi-platform, cross-platform gameplay - play on the PC with your Xbox, PlayStation, Mac or Linux buddies! 
  • And more.

But why should I get Project Slowpaced?
It's free, and without any of those horrible microtransactions or any advertisements or "premium" services to get in the way of your battles.  That, and it will have full intergration with Steam, and possibly Desura. 


Anything else?
Yeah! Expect to see the game Q2-Q3 2016 earliest for Beta Testing.  I've been working on the game for about a year now so it's going to take some time to finalize what I've done and prepare it for the world.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to reply and tell me what you think should be added.  Oh yeah, and it uses a tonne of OGA art by you guys!

PS: ProjectGallery and Project Slowpaced are development names.  They will likely not be used in the final version of the game.