Protectorate (Moved to SOYP) - very simple puzzle game

Protectorate (Moved to SOYP) - very simple puzzle game

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Hi again everyone!

While 2017 has mainly been filled with failures for me, game development wise, I am back with somehting new again now like I am all the time, this time a very simple puzzle game which right now goes by the title of "Protectorate" (It's probably just a working title) The idea has probably been done before many times, as it's so simple.




EDIT: Moved to SOYP since it is now only a project showcase, I've found some people on Deviantart and as such this is no longer a graphics request, sorry I wanted to upload video footage of the game and such but the graphics aren't even finished :P I am honestly not ready yet... 

That's also kind of a thing, when you put out a graphics request thingie both on OGA and DA, and the DA one gets answered first.... with no way to delete a forum topic here, what do you do?


This has become a mess, pretty much.




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