Questions about submitting

Questions about submitting

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Hello, and sorry in advance if I make spealling or grammar mistake, I'm not a english native (hope it will not be too bad).

I'm new here and since the spirit (mind ? direction of opinion ?) is more or less the same of the project I'm in I wanted to submit the work we have created, exept for some that I can't or more thing don't work ? (Yeah probably just me being dumb, that happen time to time). So... here we go with the questions, more my two problems.

In the submission guideline: "OGA reserves the right to combine groups of small, similar submissions by the same author in order to keep the archive organized." So I was thinking of makin one submit with all the asset of the same type (all npc together) by author, but it seem I can only upload one file, 'cause I can't add another one. Does that mean I should regroup the different npc on the same file ?


Anyway I was thinking, well I can post one today to see how thing work and post the rest regrouped later... nope visbly not TT. The second problem is... well for that one I think I need to explain the situation. The work I wanted to submit is not mine and since in the faq I read  : "Yes, but only under specific circumstances. To upload content created by someone other than yourself, you must first make absolutely certain that the content has been released under one of the allowed licenses. Furthermore, you must attribute their work to them in the Author field.".

The content is CC-BY-SA and I credited him in description (with link of course) and of course chose no in the author section, since it's not mine. And then it's say "You must specify an author.", so I do enter his name in collaborator and see "Collaborators: found no valid user with that name.", wich is normal he is not here.

And we come at the story, Amras (his da pseudo is too much of an hassle to write, so exept in credit I just call him that, since it's his discord pseudo) my boss project are not on OGA. Principally 'cause he's already a slave for the project and don't have time to add another thing to do at his list... litteraly he do the sprite, the mapping, write the event, do the document needeed to dev the geme and the com. So I have propose myself (since I was the one discovery this marvelous site) to do all thing related to OGA, aka share and search resource ect. Wich include share art created for the project with the good licence, and not only ythe art I have done (wich for the majority need some touch up before being able to share it here). And Amras have reply "Sure, I can't do it too much to do" (not exatly, but he gave me the green fire... pretty sure that's not the good expression in english), so here I am confused on why can't I submit things. (Wiwh I should have see it comming, forum and me aren't very compatible)


If you have some help and explanation on how thing fonction and what should I do, I will be really grateful uwu.