Realtime autostereogram shader for Godot

Realtime autostereogram shader for Godot

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I have recently been playing around with shaders in Godot, and I decided to implement this ( one, since I LOVED Magic Eye as a kid.

The code is on github under MIT license:

It's pretty easy to set up in Godot, you just import some models, place them into the scene, and hit play! You can change the texture being used by clicking on the Autostereogram node, clicking on "Material" in the inspector (right hand side of screen), clicking to expand "Shader Param", and dragging a new texture onto the "Image" field.

SPACEBAR takes a screenshot that goes into the screenshots directory, and TAB cycles between showing the raw scene, the depth buffer, and the autostereogram.

I had a lot of fun making scenes using some models and textures from OGA! Here are a few that came out well, with credits posted below, to avoid spoilers :)

Welcome to Hell!


Take me to church



I even did an animated version of the last one, which is on imgur here: