Rockbot - a megaman like game

Rockbot - a megaman like game

Hello, my name is Iuri Fiedoruk and I am the developer of Rockbot (, an open-osurce game (with a flexible engine and a editor so others can build their own games) inspirated by megaman classic series.

I created the project on the frustation that Megaman 9 was not being released for platforms such as Playstation 2 or Nintendo DS, the project later grown and I decided to create a game with non-megaman characters (even if they look almost the same, as the idea is to be similar) and a new story. While Megaman games happens in Tokyo, I placed Rockbot in Kyoto, where a young scientist, aware that some mad scientist like Dr. Wily could attack, created two rocobts called Rockbot and Betabot to help police. Right after the two are ready to start the job, some unknown force attacks and they go for the fight without much training.


The game engine is written in C++ with SDL library, it is fairly portable (currently having ports to Linux, Windows, Dingux/Dingoo and Open Pandora; Playstation 2 port will be made soon) but the project lacks one thing: pixel graphics! I am using some copyrighted tiles and characters that I want to replace by CC licensed art). SO, if you want a project to deal with art, is a Megaman fan, or just want to have some fun, please come aboard! :)