RogueBox Adventures

RogueBox Adventures


Today I'd like to show you my little game project called RogueBox Adventures.


It is a bit hard to explain what kind of game it is with only a few words, so I will tell you how the Idea has gown inside my mind.

Everything started as I discovered the genre of rogulike-games three years ago. I've played the famous NetHack and ADOM but also less popular titles like Pixeldungeon, Brouge and POWDER. From the very beginning I was impressed by the game depth and the diversified pameplay.

At the same Time I've played games like Minecraft and Terraria a lot.

Finally I had the idea of a game with a world that feels roguelike-ish but can be transformed easily at the players will like in Minecraft.

That was something like two years ago and since then I am creating RogueBox Adventures.


A few weeks ago I've finally released v1.00, what doesn't mean that the game is already done yet but that I have done a fully playable and (so I hope) enjoyable Version of the game. (At my current state of planning a v3.00 or v4.00 would be the final release.)

Since v1.00 I already made a few updates with bugfixes and some game balancing, what resulted in v1.03 which I am showing you today.


The game is open source (GPL3) and written in Python(2.7.10) + pygame.

The pixelart I've made for RBA is shared to other game creators here on . (

For the audio I've used tracks from Yubatake ( and Avgvsta (

The sfx are made by Little Robot Sound Factory (


Contributions, may it be constructive criticism, ideas, additional graphic packages, a unique soundtrack, bugfixes or what ever, are strongly welcome:


Some screenshots:





Game site with downloads: