rpgboss jrpg game engine

rpgboss jrpg game engine

Hi were in need of contributors to test our open source jrpg game engine. based off on scala, libgdx

to report more bugs, feature request,  and welcomes any contributions, art, music, sound effects, code, documentation or anything that would be useful.

Built to be ease of use, with no programming knowledge and Multi-platform.


You can also visit our temproary community forums to report bugs,request feature, discuss, etc. http://rpgboss.forumatic.com/index.php

Current Feature

  • Custom Screen Resolution ( Still buggy, will be worked on once more bug is reported)
  • Side Battle View
  • Basic Events
  • GUI Map editor
  • WIP menu
  • Import own resources
  • Database editing
  • Game Player

All resource material are credited in the readme.md