Scamper - post-apo/cyber punk cRPG project, we are looking for some talented coders!

Scamper - post-apo/cyber punk cRPG project, we are looking for some talented coders!

Hey, coder!

The Star Socks Team is looking for developers interested in building the Scamper game.



About the Scamper Project

  • cRPG-type game
  • Posthumanity/ Dark Science Fiction environment
  • Mature, multithreaded plot
  • Ambiguous and morally difficult choices
  • Tactical fight mode in the 3D environment
  • Unique injury system based on a classical RPG Neuroshima
  • Ability to accomplish the game in a number of ways
  • We utilize OpenSource tools
  • Game engine: CryEngine 3 (C++/LUA)
  • Delivery platform: PC


Star Socks Team


We’re a young and ambitious team who shares the common passion – computer games development. We enjoy learning and we’re more than happy to share our knowledge and expertise. The projects we work are great opportunities for new-joiners to acquire new skills and gain experience required for professional gamedev.


Developing games with us is a great fun but also an opportunity to work with people with different skill sets and specialties. What makes us outstanding is a unique and super-friendly atmosphere – we do appreciate hard work invested in improving and polishing projects and we do support each other.


Star Socks Team consists of people from all over Poland and from abroad. We work remotely, in times that suit us, on projects that truly inspire us. We create games we’d love to play ourselves.

Join us today!


  • Proficiency in C++ programming
  • Proficinency in Python and LUA (desirable but not required)
  • Passion for gaming and game developing
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills
  • Creativity, critical thinking and ability to gain new skills in a short time span
  • Conscientiousness, engagement and a sense of responsibility



  • Experience in working on CryEngine3-based projects
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • A significant supply of patience :)



  • Planning and implementation of games structure based on the Neuroshima – the Polish RPG game
  • AI mechanisms development
  • Scripts development/ levels desing/ quest development support
  • UI development (i.e. menu, hud)
  • Game development tools improvement

Our offering:

  • Ability to gain experience necessary in commercially-focus projects
  • Opportunity to contribute in development of one of the biggest indie game project
  • Ability to acquire new skills and face real challenges
  • A chance to work in a friendly and well-tuned team