Some cleanup details for my favorite community

Some cleanup details for my favorite community

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Wanted to give a rundown of what I've been working on for OGA... Other than the continual removal of spam, watching for licensing issues, and trying to be generally helpful, that is. I'll never be done with that. :)

  • There was a backlog of thousands of unapproved users. Backlog eliminated. Other than the new users each day, all users are now approved (or were removed for being spammers)
  • There were thousands of bot users and other accounts that registered, but have never logged in to the site for over 2 years. All such accounts have been retired.
  • Removed hashtags as well as redundant tags, misspelled tags, and tags entirely unhelpful in searching for assets. Consolidated and recategorized tags (i.e. "RP Game", "Role-Playing stuff", and "RPG" all become most common search term "RPG")
  • Unpublished most of the assets with long-standing unresolved licensing issues. (They weren't being remedied so there was no reason for them to stick around.)
  • Fixed all submissions with missing preview images or missing preview sound clips.
  • Removed nearly all duplicate erroneous submissions. (If there's more, I haven't found them.)
  • Fixed nearly all collections with non-existant references. (Some collections were uneditable due to having references to non-existant artwork)
  • Clarified some FAQ and submission guidelines, per community request.

Don't be afraid to help out! If you see spam, click that "Report Spam" button. CLICK IT!

Same for possible licensing issues like ripped commercial art; "Report Spam" and leave a comment with details. (We gotta have details for this)

If you see someone who doesn't understand something, leave a friendly explanation.

If someone can't seem to find some particular art, but you know where they might find it in the archive, give them some pointers and links.

If you see an artist elsewhere on the internet who you think might like this place, introduce them to OGA! "Hey, have you heard of I think you might like it..."

If, in your digital travels around the interwebs, you encounter a developer who's trying to find some great game assets, direct them here! (Well, maybe not right here to this post specifically, but to the site in general.)

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