Sorcerer's Garden (HTML5)

Sorcerer's Garden (HTML5)

What a great contest!  I got a very late start and there is a good chance I won't finish, but here is my work-in-progress anyway.  

You have inherited a magical garden.  Combine your veggies to make magical cocktails to defeat the undead who have overrun the town.

Using craftyjs (game engine), raphaeljs (vector graphics) and Tiled (map editor).




move:  w a s d

plant/pick:  p

choose spell:  1-8

cast spell: mouse

What is working:

  • maps importing
  • zoning
  • planting
  • inventory
  • harvesting
  • mixing spells (only two available so far)

What is missing (almost everything):

  • npcs
  • combat
  • maps
  • looting
  • sound
  • equipment
  • purpose

 I am horrible at this social coding stuff (blogs, updates, etc) but here is a screenshot.