Spooky (due October 29)

Spooky (due October 29)

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In the category of "you were thinking about something like this anyway, so might as well really do it this time..." here comes the next theme for the art challenge.


In honor of Halloween coming up, the challenge is something that evokes long shadows, zombie apocalypses, film noir and mystery-solving talking dogs all at once. Think up something to scare and share. Mysterious art, creepy music, altogether ooky textures... whatever's tossin' your coffin. Spirit knockin', ectoplasm, phantasms, rattlin' chains, chatterin' jaw bones, covergirl monsters, clever ghouls, Will o' the Wisp, Bloody Mary and The Creature from that Blucky Lagoon. Surprise us!

The challenge runs from Monday, October 16, to Sunday, October 29. Start collecting your evil thoughts now, but for the love of all that is holy please submit your contribution during that two week period.

You can post submissions to the regular art page but tag them Challenge and Spooky. Include other tags as appropriate too, of course. Please post about your entry in this thread to make it easier for us to see them.

Trick or treat!