Spring 2019 Art Challenge - A New Look (due March 24, 2019)

Spring 2019 Art Challenge - A New Look (due March 24, 2019)

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It's time for the Spring 2019 Art Challenge!

This Spring's theme is:

A New Look

It's a special time at OpenGameArt.org, work is well underway on the exciting OGA 3.0 project (you can read all about it here https://opengameart.org/content/oga3-front-page-layout-feedback) and the new code base calls for a complete re-write of the OGA home page layout.   Should we keep the classic look with just a few nips and tucks here and there, or should we go for a complete makeover?   Now's your chance to chime in and show us how you would re-design the OpenGameArt home page!

No coding required, just submit a mockup image showing the OpenGameArt.org homepage as you envision it.

Of course, if you want to setup an actual prototype web page to show off your design, have it!  Just include a link to the prototype in your submission, but also be sure to include at least one screen capture of the page so folks can see your design without leaving OGA or worrying about the dreaded browser incompatibility monster.

You can license your submission(s) however you want, licenses will be understood to only inlcude the preview or mockup image for your design and not the design itself nor any of the actual code, layout files, etc. etc. behind it.

Yes 'submission(s)', multiple submissions are allowed! ;)

Ultimately, the final design for the OpenGameArt 3.0 home page will be decided upon by the coders who are working to make it happen and the site-admins who will have to live with it ever-after, so there's no promise that the winning entry for this challenge will be used, but all the same this is your chance to have your voice heard, show us what you would do if you had OGA's future homepage in the palm of your hands! :)

Finally, as an option for those who maybe loathe web page design but still want to participate in this season's challege, 'normal' submissions (2D art, 3D models, music, etc.) will be accepted as well, so long as they fit the theme of A New Look.  Maybe give one of the many great portrait collections on OGA a makeover, or have a go at up-rezzing or down-rezzing one of your favorite OGA entries, or perhaps a collection of barber sprites, whatever you can dream up!

The submission with the most favorites by close-of-vote wins! Challenge and voting starts today, Friday, March 1 2019.   Have all your entries submitted by Sunday, March 24th, 2019. Voting closes one week after that at 11:59 PM Sunday, March 31st. That's a little over three weeks to submit and 1 week to vote. Voters: You can 'favorite' as soon as you see a submission you like, no need to wait for anything.

Be sure to tag your submissions with both a "Challenge" and "A New Look" tag. Also, post a link to your submission in this thread as well.