Spring's Adventure Doggo!

Spring's Adventure Doggo!

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Just thought I'd like to share a little project with you which I've been working on for little over a month or thereabouts, and which uses many assets from this site! (most of them were CC0)


It's Spring's Adventure Doggo, a cute little platformer feauring my Deviantart fur ocs. Nothing special, I  guess, but still fun ^^


(The story of the game is badly explained and makes no sense)


The endings will be worked on further so that they're not just text screens.


I would also like to add that even though MNDV.ecb worked on the title logo for this game, he is uncredited in the videos shown below, I forgot to add him but the new version of the game obtainable by the link fixes this little slip up.  


If you want to try it out, here is a download link: https://spring-enterprises.itch.io/springs-adventure-doggo