SpriteBikes, retro-styled activity tracking for cyclists

SpriteBikes, retro-styled activity tracking for cyclists

Hi everyone,

I'm a part time hobby game developer and professional ruby on rails web dev. I recently put together something in my spare time to encourage people to get out cycling and to compare their progress with each other. The project uses placeholder art from OpenGameArt for the in-game sections. The screenshots attached are not of a typical interactive game, you move along the path by riding a real bike and checking your activity in using the RunKeeper tracking website/app. You can have an unlimited number of people on the same virtual ride so you can play with and/or against other people.

If the idea is fun and people actually like it then I want to commission some more sprite art of sprites actually riding bikes, with a cool range of items to choose from. The site is online but currently in a very Alpha state since I'm still working out some teething problems with a handful of testers. I hope to have to fit for general use shortly.



The site itself is at http://spritebikes.com

I just wanted to say a quick thanks to all the artists and supporters and staff at this site, I'm a huge fan of the work on here and it's really nice to see this stuff is available for use. I love how the in-game stuff looks and I'm glad to have been able to do something with it.

Any questions, fire away. Cheers :D