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Last year in my free time I made a simple side scrolling space shooter.
Its written in C++, using SDL and OpenGl.
I could continue to improve it, but I decided to start working on a new project from the end of last year.
The reason for this post is that it is Open Source, and may be of use to someone starting out in game development. (How not to program :P) Or even if you just want to use some of the resources.
It has 25 levels so maybe it could provie a few hours of excitment for some, well I hope it can!


- "Left"      ->    Move starship left.
- "Right"     ->    Move starship right.
- "Up"        ->    Move starship up.
- "Down"    ->    Move starship down.
- "Space"   ->    Fire weapon.
- "B"          ->    Use a collected bomb.
- "P"          ->    Pause.
- "ESC       ->    Menu, Quit.
- Mouse required for the menu and dialogs.

You can aquire it via my website: or one of the linck below:
<a href="">Win32</a>
<a href="">Linux</a>
<a href="">Source</a>

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