Super Endless Kingdom Mega Quest Extreme

Super Endless Kingdom Mega Quest Extreme


Super Endless Kingdom Mega Quest Extreme is my first game project. Almost all the artwork and a good chunk of the music and sfx are from you good folks at If your work is in my favourites there's a good chance it was used. I'll make sure everyone is properly credited in the released game.

Super Endless Kingdom is a top-down 2D rpg/shoot 'em up using mainly LPC art. More info can be found at the following places:

Studio Website: more screenshots (

Blog: more info and screenshots (

Game Website: short trailer only for now (

Twitter: for updates @RubbleGames


If anyone would like to get involved I'm looking for testers (i'm at closed alpha stage). You can sign up at either of the websites or message me on twitter. If anyone has questions or suggestions please add them below. I'll keep this post updated as I get closer to a full release.



Rubble Games



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