Super Voxel Raiders - a PnP cardgame

Super Voxel Raiders - a PnP cardgame

Hello. I'm a game design hobbyist, and I would like to share with you the last game I have designed: a free PnP game called Super Voxel Raiders.

"Print and Play" means that you'll have to download the game as a set of PDF files, and then print, cut and sleeve everything by yourself in order to craft a physical cardgame. This is not a videogame. This is a physical cardgame with a videogame theme.

I have primarily used Creative Commons pixelart from Kaiseto (, and public domain icons by Henrique Lazarini (, but I took some OpenGameArt illustrations from Stephen "Redshrike" Challener (, some of them based on previous works of Zabin, Surt, Charles Gabriel and Ben Potter. Those are the characters I have named "Demon", "Wraith", "Shaman" and "Gargoyle". I have credited all illustrations and included a link to OpenGameArt in the rulebook. I also licensed my game under a compatible Creative Commons.

Super Voxel Raiders can be downloaded free at It's a full-graphics, full-game, made for the love of it, with no caveats.

 In the world of Pixelia, Voxels are the key to an unknown dimension. The struggle for the control of these artifacts started with a war across the three main nations: the Redistan Rally, the Greenland Gathering, and the Bluelonia Brotherhood. Soon it escalated into a fratricidal war where loyalties lost their meaning.


Super Voxel Raiders is a 2 player card game, with a 60-90 playing time, that reproduces japanese role playing videogame battles (JRPGs) from the 90s. Players first recruit pixellated characters into three different terrain cards, then a battle is fought in each of those terrains, using plenty of fancy special powers. The first player to conquer two terrain cards will gain control over the Voxels and win the game.



Here's a presentation video. It's in Spanish, and it's about the Spanish version, but they show the components and art pretty nicely. Don't worry, the game has also a full English version:


Thank you