Swinging Knight

Swinging Knight

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Swinging Knight is a dungeon crawler survival roguelike where old world meets new and the king hates you. Not you personally. You and your order of knights that are still legal in the kingdom represent the old world. The father's and the old men's guard. The world is rapidly changing with new discoveries and the king is willing to do almost anything to speed it along. If that means sending some men on suicide missions, so be it. But that's just a rumor. The problem is that in this rapidly changing world, the old is still sticking out. A dungeon in the northern wastelands is spitting out monsters faster than they can be contained and the populace is irate about it. He has sent 8 of your order to deal with it and none have returned. So he is sending you, the last flail knight, to handle the problem.

You take your task with a sense of loyalty and purpose. Should you succeed, you will be rewarded of course. But you hope to do something greater, and maybe even change the king's mind about the old world and traditions. You steel your soul as you enter the dungeon...



-Train a variety of skills to survive in the dungeon by using them

-Defeat tricky bosses and enemies

-Make your way through the dungeon without going insane, hungry, or terminal dehydrayion

-Play instruments, read books, go fishing, chat with animal people, watch an undead circus, peddle in a pop up night market, use raw materials from produce and monsters to cook, craft weapons, armor, and jewelry, wield the sword of narrative, view a turtle pond, and witness and do many more strange things in this chaotic dungeon!

Rabbit Problem




Boss Bullets


Thanks for checking out the Swinging Knight post! I keep many of the assets I use in my favorites tab, so I'll be updating this post with those! In the meantime, enjoy the pretty pictures and try and guess where I got what!

Most of, if not everything, has a cc-0 or cc-by or cc-by-sa license attached to it. Thank you for existing OpenGameArt! I hope to make Swinging Knight a cool game and I appreciate the graphics for getting me started!

The game will be headed to Kickstarter shortly after tax day to help get some funding. Here's hoping and do me a favor and check out the project when it hits! Thanks again!