Tank Defender

Tank Defender

Hi all,

So its been a while since i first posted this game (before Christmas), i've been working on it on and off but decided to leave it for abit in a state of semi completedness.

All the basics of a tower defense game are there: Towers, critters, explosions and a base. There are 5 basic levels to play but they're not really too challenging.

I've wrote it in libGDX so its good to go to Android/iOS but for the time being i'm just leaving it on the web as a HTML5 game.

There still some functionality that i'd like to add such as splash damage, damage over time, tower upgrades (from level to level) and a more complex in level tower upgrade structure.

Anyway, the links below, i'm going to maybe look at writing something in Phaser and spend more time considering content/level generation.


Special thanks to Surt as nearly all of the artwork i've used has been his.