Team Ninja Unkende 4 - Ninja Gaiden 4

Team Ninja Unkende 4 - Ninja Gaiden 4

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Hello everyone.

I apologize if the subject is not in the right section.

I'm making a game on the PC. It's called "Team Ninja Unkende 4". This, I think, well-known game on NES - Ninja Gaiden.
This game is a continuation of the famous trilogy. Non-profit project. I work in Game Maker.
To make a worthy project requires new sprites. Unfortunately, I did not know how to draw.
I have a lot of new sprites, but not enough.
Basically, you need to draw new sprites for some bosses. And also need sprites for cut-scenes between levels.
For example:

Sprites should be about the size and the number of colors, as in the Super Nintendo (even though the game uses sprites from NES too).

I already did in Game 2 level and I just have need new sprites for this boss:

He needs to draw some new moves. If you want you can draw it from scratch.



You can download beta version with the first level and boss:

I really hope that someone will respond to my proposal, because the game is likely to remain unfinished without new sprites.

I suggest anyone to join the project. Each will be mentioned in the credits.
You can answer me in this thread or send me email to: