I've been planning to introduce my entry a long long time ago, but so many things happened in the last few weeks...

Anyway, here's my upcoming entry to the LPC: Terramancers. The game is basically a real-time action-Reversi game (I love that definition) - you and your opponent are each associated with a certain terrain type (grass, snow, volcanic etc). Every neutral tile you walk on transforms into your terrain type. Like in Reversi, if you transform a tile that has a straight line connecting it to another tile you have, then everything in the middle will also transform. The goal is that when the board is full (i.e all neutral tiles are gone), you have the majority of tiles.

A single player version will also be available, where your opponents will be static terrain-generating trees positioned at various locations, and you'll need to quickly decide which tiles to take first to get a strategic advantage.

Terramancers Screenshot

You can follow the progress on my web site, or of course wait a few days and play the finished game.