Terranion: The Rise of Civilization

Terranion: The Rise of Civilization


Terranion is a browser-based mutli-player realtime strategy game that aims to take you through the various epochs of mankinds history, from the neolithical Stone Age up to present times. As in many similar games of the genre, you start off with a small village and expand your empire to glory. However, Terranion also allows you to move your units freely throughout the map, introducing concepts of map exploration and army maneuvering, that are so well known from desktop games, leading to skill-intensive situations of combat in the open fields.



As your people rise from the dark ages, you'll be able to enhance your nation by completing Social Development trees, earning various bonuses that fit your playstyle, be it casual kingdom building or remorseless fighting. Also, by managing your research, you'll gain access to more sophisticated technology, unlocking up to 40 distinct buildings over 15 eras of human history. 



The game itself takes place in a rectangular, earth-like map with oceans and climate-areas based on real world cartography. The terrain settings thus range from hollow, icy Tundras through open, wide Plains to tropical Jungles and Swamps. Through these settings, abandoned Ruins containing unexplored riches are placed, waiting to be explored by your units.



About the Project

Terranion: The rise of Civilization is in development for 3 and a half years now, and though not yet completely bug-less, its slowly reaching the Alpha version state. It is completely free and can be played directly in the browser, without having to download any additional content. You can try it out right now, by visiting the main page [see below].

Some of the graphical assets used were actually taken from this site though [check the Credits section on the main page], so I thought it'd be cool to share my progress here :) 


Game site: www.terranion.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/terranion