The Adventures of Yulpers! Game of the Jam! Edition

The Adventures of Yulpers! Game of the Jam! Edition

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Hi all!

All the great feedback about The Adventures of Yulpers! has inspired me to keep working on the game and create a special Game of the Jam! edition.

New in the Game of the Jam! Edition:

  • All new theme song and level music by Snabisch!
  • New logo and box art by GrafxKid!
  • New enemies, hazards and powerups!
  • Moving platforms!
  • Hidden under-log areas!
  • Improved boss fights!
  • Improved Level editor!
  • New environments!
  • Added scenery!
  • All 16 original levels expanded and reworked, plus 16 brand new levels!
  • New 'Hard' difficulty mode!

You can check out the new logo and read more at:

Targetting a release this fall.  It will be a commercial release, priced in the $2-3 USD range, but I'll figure out a way to get free copies to everyone who participated in the jam, plus probably anyone else on OGA that wants to ask for one.   :)

Also, I plan on releasing all the new art and music for the Game of the Jam! edition to once the game is completed and released.