The Box [BETA]

The Box [BETA]

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I am publishing "The Box" to Google Play and Windows Phone store quite soonly. I used some art from OpenGameArt so I thought it would be appropriate to post this here :D.

If you want to participiate in the beta, then follow these steps:

--Windows Phone users

1. Make sure that your OS version is 8.0 or higher

2. Send me a message containing your email address associated with you Windows Phone(can be found in settings--> email + accounts)

3. Wait a couple of days and I will send you a link to the store. Click the link and play.


--Android users

1. Make sure that your OS version is higher than 2.0

2. Navigate to!forum/olanderbetatesters

3. Join the group

4. Click the post named "The Box [BETA]"

5. Click the link in the post then choose the option to become a tester and download the app.


Some screenshots:

s0.png s0.png 16.1 Kb [0 download(s)]
s1.png s1.png 38.4 Kb [0 download(s)]
s2.png s2.png 41.1 Kb [0 download(s)]
s3.png s3.png 51.8 Kb [0 download(s)]