The New Game Project

The New Game Project

I been developing an Intergalactic Space-Trading Fps Combat Dialog story-line Driven Rpg game over the last few months. Now I had trouble with setting up the Unreal Engine with the 3d Models.... So at the moment it don't have the 3d FPS element. For I DIDN"T receive the help I needed with setting up unreal even though I wrote on an unreal Epic website asking for help, but their message board for UDK appears to be dead so I could only do what I could with what I knew how to do.   This was a complex game that I tried to make.

I wrote the dialog of the game all in batch script because Unreal UDK 3 takes anything from 10 minutes to over half an hour for rebuilding its lighting each time you make any new change in the engine, so I knew it would take too long to construct the dialog tree up inside the game engine building it bit by it. So I constructed the game diaglog tree outside the engine Because I wanted a working dialog tree to test the storylines out of the game. 

If I had a 3d game engine that could support windows batch script then I could code all the game.

The game is now over 46 thousand lines long it has four main systems now all wired up and working. Teseract Prime System, The Cascades System, and The Ntis System and Tyhosi System which including trading and shops it also uses jumpgates to travel through the galaxy quadrant.  

The Star map is now expandable by buying star maps now at the stores to expand your Quadrant map with.  and you also need to farm credits to upgrade ship parts for getting into certian areas you encounter But if you manage to find a certain trader to get ahold of a slip stream drive then you can visit other systems that are outside your galaxy. The Game is also multi-event layered, so far it uses over 200 flag and counter values to keep track of everything that changes in the game which are weaved intricatelly into all parts of the dialog for triggering off all the different game events and storyline changes.  It also has mini games woven into it as well.  The game characters also choose their own script lines to speak with to give them also some A.I in their speaking.

Wiring up all the 200+ Flags and Value Counters into the dialog tree took me some time to do.

Text Dialog of game written so far:  5,000+ paragraphs of dialog

Speech Files created: Storm (747 files), Commander Axel (463), Loana (208), Skinar (209). T6 (190). Alien in Yellow: (31),  Bartender: (53), Skars (57), Security Guard: (40),

Rogue Factions now created in the Tyhosi System:  (Titan Rush, Underhounds, Rebel Alliance, Domination, Core, Fight for Rights, and Bad Sector (Anti Battery Abuse faction run by rogue paranoid droids.)   

Trading is also done by rogue factions in the game as well as good factions.

Now I could just go head right now and just stick in pictures to create a 2d si fi space rpg game with speech if I decide to stick with just  2d graphics in it then it would be a nice turn based 2d space trading rpg game with speech story-line dialog,  but I would prefer the game be 3d. But i don't know how to set up the 3d models in Unreal.