The Pixelator - Static Mobile Shooter WIP Unreleased

The Pixelator - Static Mobile Shooter WIP Unreleased

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Whats up everyone,


I just want to make a post to show everyone what im doing with the assets that i have been getting from the site. I feel like i owe everything not only to this site but to the people that have contributed artwork for all of us to use.

I would not be able to develop my game without OGA or without this community. with that said here is a very very eary demo of my project called The Pixelator thats being developed for Android.

I have plenty of bugs in game but if you want to watch development it will stay up on the site. If anyone has any ideas for the game post them! I love to get feedback Good Or Bad!

Thanks for everything guys and everyone can expect their name in the credits upon release.


ps. If any artists want to collab with me on this project i sure could use the help if your free. I will be posting in the forums for odd and end things that i will need to make this game better. Thanks again! happy holidays everyone!