"The UFO Game!" released

"The UFO Game!" released

Ohoy fellow homebrew game enthusiasts!

Today I released my homebrew game "The UFO Game!".


It is a Blu-Play game, which means it's code with Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J), and thus runs on PlayStation 3 + PlayStation 4, because these consoles feature a blu-ray player.

Strongly inspired by the 38 year old game "Satellite Attack" for the Philips Videopac G7000. (Called "UFO!" for the Magnavox Odyssey2), "The UFO Game!" can be considered a kind of remake.
Download the ISO from https://www.blu-play.com/games
Burn the ISO to a BD-R or BD-RE. Or - if you're running MultiMAN or WebMAN; copy the ISO to the BDISO folder and run from there.

You also have the option of buying a physical copy in one of two variants: The budget version for €5, or the Collectors Edition for €12. Both prices includes shipping.

The story so far

Year 2079, 12 years after The Big Exposure:

An underground organisation known as "The Superhero Network" (TSN) revealed to the world, that all the big wars on earth for the past century were in fact secretly started by the acknowledged peacekeepers on the planet, rather than the minority groups who were always blamed instead, on the major news outlets.
The revelation wasn't exactly a shocker though. Most people had known for decades really, but just chose to ignore it because they couldn't *really* believe it. And even if it was true - what were they to do about it anyway?

With The Big Exposure, TSN had presented the whole world with indisputable evidence. There was no longer any doubt. Everyone knew the truth now, and TSN quickly gained worldwide acknowledgement and popularity. The so-called peacekeepers got the nickname "The Invaders", because of their invasive actions on the world: Spying on the public with satellites and space-drones, and using them to invade innocent foreign countries to gain even more power and control.

TSN has been in open war against The Invaders ever since the exposure. The Invaders are few in numbers, but they're all rich and powerful: They have all the latest tech and all the latest weapons. The Superhero Network in turn outnumbers The Invaders by at least a million people, but they still lack funding, and is therefor forced to use old outdated tech that doesn't get enough service checks.

Having a rather strong passion for justice, you recently signed up to The Superhero Network offering your skills as a Defence Vessel pilot. A Defence Vessel is a one-man space-pod, created by members of TSN in the early days of the war. It is designed to be used for destroying spy satellites and space-drones owned by The Invaders.

So there you are, in space, behind the control panel of your assigned Defence Vessel, ready to shoot down some spy satellites and drones - but then you discover that the gun controls are broke: Your gun is stuck in a one-way rotation! Oh no!
Something also appears to be wrong with the navigational system. Some directional buttons seems to only work one at a time! In fact, the only thing that seems to be working alright on this thing is the shield! But even in working condition the shield has its limits too.

You're a rather skilled Defence Vessel pilot, but this isn't quite what you signed up for. Unfortunately it's too late to back out now. You have no choice but to do the best you can and hope to survive this thing...

Interested in making your own Blu-Play game? Then visit https://www.blu-play.com/developer/getting-started


Credits - Graphics from OGA

"Spaceship 2D" by Alucard
Licensed CC-BY 3.0 - OpenGameArt.org/content/spaceship-2d

"Shmup Enemies" by Buch
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"Explosions" by chabull
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"Pixel Explosion" by J-Robot
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Credits - Music from OGA

"Brave Space Explorers" by Alexandr Zhelanov
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"Starlight" by Kim Lightyear
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"Run, Silly Girl, Run" by Alexandr Zhelanov
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"Behind the Universe" by Alexandr Zhelanov
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Credits - Sound effects from OGA

"Laser4" by Kenney
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"Sci-Fi Drone" by jdagenet
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"Racing Speed Boost Sound" by qubodup
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"Muffled Distant Explosion" by NenadSimic
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"Explosion somewhere far" by pauliuw
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"Big Explosion" by Blender Foundation
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