Twisted Potions Double Trouble (An Lpcish game)

Twisted Potions Double Trouble (An Lpcish game)

Hi guys,

I'm in the middle (well just starting :P) of this hobby project/tiled platformer/rpg game with some LPC graphics under Unity.

While not being open i kinda liked the platform, as it has nice portability and i have some background in c# + i'm starting an AR tool with unity and vuforia at work so it helps me learn it's innards . 

Anyway, (there's a pair of more detailed journals on my da account here and here), but basically my aim is to build something like this. 

As you can see i'm using a mix of editted lpc sprites + browserquest and custom ones. Also, aside from the brown haired girl and probably the eye patch one the other chacaters wont be ingame since they're for a "Really Cool looking Phantasy Star online Based Chatbox"  

Gameplay wise it will be something like Wonder Boy, with a wannabe alchemist or a mage. 

Sadly, even if unity is pretty confortable to use, there are almost no open source 2d libraries for it, so i'll have to write them. The good news is they'll end open sourced :)


Anyway: Current status.


I managed to finish the TMX importer, well i need to refactor part of the code since it's a bit lot of a mess (o hai using public attributes D;) but it's almost completed.

Right now it imports tmx (saved as csv) files with only one tilemap texture + top, left, right bottom, collisions. It supports multiple layers tho

Also patched the current character class a bit to work with unity's character controller and walk and jump around.

*Yes i'm using Sara for the tests since i dont have yet the complete sprite sheet for the character and right now it's a bit more on a experimental phase.

 ** Edit: Repo ->  (i haven't uploaded the complete tmx importer tho)

** Update: TMX importer repo