Uroboros Labyrinth

Uroboros Labyrinth

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After Ouroboros has kidnapped you into his world, you land in a small town and are approached by a monk. He clarifies you about the current situation and informs about a possible way out. To return home, you must enter the Labyrinth of Ouroboros and defeat him. It could all be very simple, if the gate to the Labyrinth was not closed by a seal. To solve this you must first defeat the six plagues in the catacombs. And the adventure begins ...

Dynamic Character Classes

  • The 440 different pieces of equipment allow about 320 individually customizable class variations.
  • Add extra attributes with the socket system, to give the equipment a final touch.
  • As the equipment is known to make the character, become your own class.
  • Are you a magician, a warrior or something in between?

Active Magic System

  • Make spells through gestures and throw them at your enemies.
  • Use Spells to get stronger or to make opponents weaker.
  • Use mind magic to become even more powerful.
  • Learn the secrets of magic!

Active Combat System

  • Block attacks with your shield or parry them with your weapons.
  • Stab quickly and specific or swing to crush the enemies.
  • Find the weak spots and deal double damage.
  • Become a master in close combat!


  • Classic gaming experience from the first person perspective
  • Infinite fun thanks to dynamically generated levels
  • ndividual character classes thanks to sophisticated item and socket system
  • Active combat experience instead of a stupid tap or button press
  • Savable at any time, even during a fight
  • Play at your own pace




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