Wardance-USF and Guyana-Dream : javascript games

Wardance-USF and Guyana-Dream : javascript games

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I have now 2 projects I make designs for : Wardance-USF and Guyana-Dream.

Wardance-USF is based on Ultimate Smash Friends made in python by Tshirtman and Wardance coded in javascript by Ralphy. Ultimate Smash Friends is a platform game with many levels and nice characters.

Wardance-USF is simpler as I'm not very good for coding in javascript and I am not able to improve it alone. Tshirtman and Ralphy are now on other projects, unfortunately.

Here are a few levels I made for this game but not included now:

Other levels were made by Samuncle and other contributors for Ultimate Smash Friends. Some are already included in and Wardance-USF: Mangrove and Jungle, other not.

Characters I made for Ultimate Smash Friends:

Other characters were made by Redshrike: Possum, Xeon.

And a future boss:

Characters for children (the game would be called USF-teddy):

Guyana-Dream is at the very beginning. It will be an ecological game based on french Guiana animals and trees.

I imagined it for a tutorial on Openclassroom being written by jam-jam68140 (who is very busy now and cannot code a lot). I've find very well drawn trees on Glitch and I will use it as a base.I also draw a Spider monkey.

It would be cool if I could put all my ideas for this game somewhere on Opengameart, maybe in the Document section, as writing a game is also an art.

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