Weekly Challenge: Science! (due Jan. 29th)

Weekly Challenge: Science! (due Jan. 29th)

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The theme for the next challenge deserves shouting out in a Thomas Dolby voice:


Make a piece of game artwork that goes along with the theme of science, a particular branch within the sciences, mad scientists... or however you interpret the theme. Make your glass tubes fill up with colored liquid, match goofy elements in a paticular way, combine chemicals, put a key on a kite in a storm, or think up some game idea that fits and make some artwork to help it along.

Please post submissions to the regular art page but tag them Challenge and Science. (Other tags based upon your submission are encouraged, of course.) Once you have a page you can post a link to it in this thread. General discussion of the theme goes here too, but talking about the challenge in general fits in a different thread.

The official week of submissions run from Monday the 23rd through Sunday the 29th, but put your thinking caps on right away and exercise that grey matter.