Weekly Challenge: Underground (due May 28)

Weekly Challenge: Underground (due May 28)

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Man, do I need a calendar reminder for this... but here's the next installment:


This time we'll run with a word and play free association. Something beneath the earth, counter culture or hidden culture, fantasy or realistic. Whatever you come up with when you think of the term. And, heck, something you may be doing anyway can be tagged that if it fits. Game art, of course, but also music, as we've seen, or sound effects or textures. We're as wide open as possible, here.

The challenge runs from Monday, May 22, to Sunday, May 28. U.S. folks, be sure to enjoy your Memorial Day on Monday, May 29. Grill out or something. You can start thinking about it early or even start working on it, but please don't submit it until that week.

You can post submissions to the regular art page but tag them Challenge and Underground. Including other tags based upon the content of your submission is also encouraged, of course. Please link to your submission in this thread as well if you would so we can be alerted to it.

And dig in!