What programs will do what I need them to do?

What programs will do what I need them to do?

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Hey ! I'm working on an artsy sort of game. Story driven with no combat system neccessary. 

I'm trying to figure out what program will do what I need it to do with as little bloat as possible. I've tried a few, but I've yet to start actually programming my game (instead I've been practicing with small things like space shooters n the like). 

I've tried : 
RPGMaker - (Would work, I THINK, but has a lot of features I don't need for this, and I'd have to install a whole bunch of scripts to get it looking the way I want it to)
Stencyl - easy coding but it almost feels like cheating, I don't know if it's able to do what I need it to do, either.
Gamemaker - Wasn't crazy about it. The language seemed strange and I ended up with a bunch of bugs due to version differences and operating with the free version. 


I need to be able to do the following : 

- Small Menu system w/ 5 slot inventory displayed on screen. 
- Huge dialogue trees and choice systems dependant on karma variable
- Karma variable that updates the player's sprite
- 2D Graphics
- displayed busts akin to Fire Emblem / RPGMaker (w/ scripts) during dialogue with varying emotions.  
- Movable and pushable objets that can lock into place and are also interactable (dialogue)   

I really like the Scene creator in Stencyl and the event system is very nice, But I don't want to start working on the game and hit a roadblock in Stencyl because it's simply unable to do what I need it to do. :/


Any suggestions?