(WIP) ZRPG tiles | OGA remixed (Jetrel & DB32 colors)

(WIP) ZRPG tiles | OGA remixed (Jetrel & DB32 colors)

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I haven't been on this site for a couple years- or even a computer actually.  I got caught up with some life changing distractions.

For the past month or so I've been tinkering around (on the little spare time that I have) on some pixel art and when I get tired of that I may poke at my Dusk demo game.

I'm starting my first topic here to show my work in progress of re-colorizing/remixing my favorite JRPG tilesets (32x32) with DawnDringer's 32 color palette in an effort to make all the best art here on OGA more cohesive.

There may be some art yet to be submitted to the mainline but I assure you that I'll be making all this art available when I feel I'm finished with it ;)

Here's a screenshot made with Tiled testing some of what I've been working on. 

The big trees are Jetre'ls tree's located here , take a look at that - it's what inspired me to expand into usable rpg tiles.  I've contacted Jetrel and he knows about my derivative works and likes what I'm doing.  When I'm finished I'll be making a ton of excellent art available under the public domain (CCO), thanks to Jetrel and Hyptosis.

I'm also working on Leonard Pabin's stuff that he made for Wispers of Avalon.  CC.BY/GPL

When I expand that screenshot testing more stuff I'll be sure to post a revised image here for everybody to enjoy some eye candy :)

Feedback/criticism is always appreciated.