Zquish: An iOS Game (Looking for Beta Testers!)

Zquish: An iOS Game (Looking for Beta Testers!)

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Hello everyone!  

My game ("Zquish" for iOS) is finally "done" and I thought I'd share it with the community that has helped me so much.  You are able to see screen shots of the game if you look in the attachments to this topic.  I am currently offering beta-testing to anyone in the OGA community that has an iPhone or iPad who'd like to try it out.

About Zquish:

Unlike a conventional game with joystick/d-pad controls, and buttons, Zquish uses the tilt of your phone to control your character and tapping of the screen to squish your enemies.  Along the way you'll discover new zombies and power-ups while exploring 36 unique levels.  There are 3 difficulties to pick from, so people of all skill levels can play.

In order to participate in beta-testing, you will have to:

  • Message me your AppleID e-mail (so I can add you to my external beta-testers list)
  • Download Apple's 'TestFlight' app
  • Wait for an e-mail from Apple inviting you to test my game (after I add you to my external beta-testers list)

Let me know if you are interested! Thanks,Curt



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