Zquish: Finally in the App Store

Zquish: Finally in the App Store

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The game I've been working on for the last few years is finally done.  Thanks guys, I truely and honestly couldn't have done it without the OGA community.  Thank you for your interest and time.


Game: Zquish

Credits: Click Here (Also has credits in app)

Video: Click Here

Website: Click Here

Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iTouch, iPad)

App Store: Click Here


Description: Zquish is a game that features a hero/heroine whose world has been invaded by zombies. The hero must navigate through fields and forests, cities and seas in hopes of collecting enough coins to blast off into space and escape an imminent death. Death by zombies is rather unpleasant.

The game is also very unique in that it uses the tilt of your phone to control your character and tapping of the screen to squish your enemies. Along the way you'll discover new zombies and power-ups while exploring 36 unique levels. There are 3 difficulties to pick from, so people of all skill levels can play.

Tilt your phone to move.

Tap your enemies to squish them.

Tap power-ups to give yourself an upper-hand.

Tap coins to collect them (and win).


Thanks again everyone, keep creating!


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